7 thoughts on “Whatever happened to this (rumour)?

  1. The most exciting rumour I’ve ever come across…..if you get excited about rumours. Funny I was doing some searching on this the other day and still only these Sept 14 dates. Definitely in the market for a digital camera though nothing grabbing me really from a hap-tics/ergonomic perspective.

    I considered selling my Mamiya 7, though have learn’t to really enjoy using it. I have an M4 and Mamiya 7 and it’s a real toss up between them each time I want to go out, even though you only get 10 images from the Mam 7…..really need to start using 220 film!

      1. Well and truely on the radar! However there is a possibility I may get to start doing some documentary/environmental portrature work which requires digital AND good low light capability (and it isnt wdding photography)! Just waiting to see of this comes to fruition. Just to complicate things…😐!

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