Composition and Concentration.

…and catching.

Images from one roll of Tri-X.

Shot, developed, and scanned today.


Composition and Concentration 1

Composition and Concentration 2

Composition and Concentration 3

Composition and Concentration 4

Composition and Concentration 5

Composition and Concentration 6

Composition and Concentration 7

Composition and Concentration 8



13 thoughts on “Composition and Concentration.

  1. Antonio Russell says:

    Perhaps its your scanner or development but these look really grainy to my eyes. I am printing Tri-X negs at 12×16″ and cannot see any grain at all….

  2. andygemmell says:

    Nice to see the M3 back! Well done. Focus and recompose wide open in this situation is tough going. Nice set Peter.

  3. ianwakefield says:

    Nice, is tri-x your favourite?

  4. John G. says:

    Hello Petter,

    Beautiful photos.

    Just curious, but are you scanning all your negatives or selecting which ones to scan?

    I love B&W and the process, but hate scanning.



  5. Really enjoyed this series. Don’t mind grain so i guess i don’t see it. The concentration is so well captured.

    Good job in catching the ‘catch and ball’. Skills and timing needed when you are not machine-gunning at 8 frames per second. Would have loved to see the concentration on your face when shooting these pics.

    I see you used the 50mm summicron. It is the first Leica lens I ever bought and together with my M6ttl it lured me into Leica Photography. Somehow i don’t use it (50mm vs wider) that often anymore but when I use it always seems to give enjoyable good shots. I have been thinking often to maybe getting a 1.4 but never did. Got it CLA-ed at Leica Solms a few months ago so it should be good to go for a long time.

    I clicked the summicron 50 tab and looked at all your photo’s and they are just great. Can’t pinpoint why exactly but i ‘feel’ the lens.

    You also have the summilux. When do you take the Lux and when the cron? Just based on light and 1.4 look or do other things play?

    • Hi Roel. Thank you for sharing your experiences, and for your kind words.

      I’ve tended to revert to the 50 summicron when I’m looking for a lighter alternative to the 50 ‘lux, or when I want the look I get from its flatter field. The one downside I have noticed with the various 50/2 lenses I’ve shot with is a tendency to flare in some circumstances. Unfortunately, this particular copy is even more prone to flare — I had a second roll of images taken later in the morning in brighter light that were ruined by it. So I’ve actually traded it in for a 35/2 that I haven’t had a chance to use yet. I’m hoping the 35 ‘cron will pair nicely with the 50/1.4.

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