13 thoughts on “Composition and Concentration.

  1. Perhaps its your scanner or development but these look really grainy to my eyes. I am printing Tri-X negs at 12×16″ and cannot see any grain at all….

      1. Actually, looking at some of my own prints I can see grain sometimes. For example Tri-X in LC29…. I do find that scanners can accentuate it though.

  2. Hello Petter,

    Beautiful photos.

    Just curious, but are you scanning all your negatives or selecting which ones to scan?

    I love B&W and the process, but hate scanning.



  3. Really enjoyed this series. Don’t mind grain so i guess i don’t see it. The concentration is so well captured.

    Good job in catching the ‘catch and ball’. Skills and timing needed when you are not machine-gunning at 8 frames per second. Would have loved to see the concentration on your face when shooting these pics.

    I see you used the 50mm summicron. It is the first Leica lens I ever bought and together with my M6ttl it lured me into Leica Photography. Somehow i don’t use it (50mm vs wider) that often anymore but when I use it always seems to give enjoyable good shots. I have been thinking often to maybe getting a 1.4 but never did. Got it CLA-ed at Leica Solms a few months ago so it should be good to go for a long time.

    I clicked the summicron 50 tab and looked at all your photo’s and they are just great. Can’t pinpoint why exactly but i ‘feel’ the lens.

    You also have the summilux. When do you take the Lux and when the cron? Just based on light and 1.4 look or do other things play?

    1. Hi Roel. Thank you for sharing your experiences, and for your kind words.

      I’ve tended to revert to the 50 summicron when I’m looking for a lighter alternative to the 50 ‘lux, or when I want the look I get from its flatter field. The one downside I have noticed with the various 50/2 lenses I’ve shot with is a tendency to flare in some circumstances. Unfortunately, this particular copy is even more prone to flare — I had a second roll of images taken later in the morning in brighter light that were ruined by it. So I’ve actually traded it in for a 35/2 that I haven’t had a chance to use yet. I’m hoping the 35 ‘cron will pair nicely with the 50/1.4.

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