10 thoughts on “Happy 8th G! (earlier today).

      1. Peter, thanks for sharing. Yesterday evening I was shooting indoors and in some pretty challenging light conditions using the M9 and 35 1.4 Lux. Probably similar to what you had in this image. But I found myself, although I didn’t like it, having to push the ISO to 1,000 or 1250 at F1.4 and 60 to 90 sec. shutter speeds (hand held). Generally, I don’t like to shoot above ISO 640. I’m impressed that you were able to shoot at these settings. I love the M9 and will probably never give it up; nevertheless, in situations such as I described, it can be frustrating using the M9, but I guess that comes with the territory.

  1. Wonderful! Lovely colour. It’s like the urban Barry Lyndon. 😉

    A technical opinion: I’d probably be just as happy with f/2.8 at 1/60 or maybe f/2.0 at 1/125. I sure don’t want you to give up your style or preferences, so don’t take it that way. My point is that one should not feel the need for fast lenses, except if they really, really prefer them.

  2. Wonderful atmoshere and colours..oh yeah- beloved M9! ( ok ist´s boaring 😉 ..no, never! 😉 ) ..nice to see all the love you share with your children-God bless you!

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