Undisclosed Lens #3 (test shot on digital).

Inspiration, Leica M9(P)/M-E (CCD Lives!), Q&A, Teaching point, Undisclosed Lens #3

If you have been following along, my last few posts contain photographs created with Undisclosed Lens #3.

So far, I’ve only shot with it on film.

I decided to examine central sharpness, wide open, on the Leica M9.

Here is the original test shot:

Undisclosed Lens #3 (test shot)

And here is the central crop of the above image, at 100%:

(focus was on the “T” of the word “Teas”)

Undisclosed Lens #3 (100% crop)

Once again, I’m quite impressed with this lens.


11 thoughts on “Undisclosed Lens #3 (test shot on digital).

  1. “T” of the word “Teas”. Or “T” of the word “tease”? It is hard not to ask….will undisclosed Lens #3 be disclosed or is it one of life’s little moments of mystery? 🙂

    1. Hi Karen,

      The identity of Lens #3 can be accessed through my “Instruction” page for those willing to make a small donation to the site (I hope people understand that I have to purchase new equipment on my own – so that I remain unbiased – and I also spend a considerable amount of time preparing and publishing the results).

      For those not interested in making a donation, my experiences over the years with (and reviews of) dozens of pieces of gear can still be accessed via the “Cameras, Lenses, and other topics” drop-down menu at the bottom of the page.


  2. Looks pretty good!

    I picked up a 35mm Cron ASPH on Friday (to go on an M4)…..the 50 lux was sitting there….decided I would like to give myself a go with 35mm for a while…:-)

      1. I mean what is the point of testing a lens and then not saying what lens it is? I don’t follow the point of the exercise?

        1. Antonio, I’m going to assume your question is genuine.

          The point is I want to know how this lens performs, since I am using it.

          Regarding the issue around its hidden identity, I’m sure you can figure that out, given my response to Karen above.

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