The Chip Maneuver.

In between innings.

Notice the hand-eye coordination.


The Chip Maneuver

8 thoughts on “The Chip Maneuver.

  1. A.Hackauf says:

    Wonderful…I was longing for M9 and Colour..and the 50….finally! good to see loved children growing up with useful and healthy occupation like sport. I like the grass-green spot on the white pants… 🙂

  2. jkjod says:

    That looks like one serious trade going on!

    • LOL yes. And the best part… they won two games today and are in the semi-finals tomorrow. They had no idea how to play as a team when the season began (it’s their first year playing baseball) and now they look like pros

  3. karen says:

    Bare handing it……beautiful. And yes, they do look like pros….love the gear bags on the backstop, the black eye, and, of course, the grass stains. I hope they play a great game tomorrow. First time to the playoffs……can be a game of nerves. 🙂

  4. hellerkar says:

    Forgot to add this. The red color references help bring it all home. Love the photo and that the photographer noticed this as a hand off.

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