New CCD sensor from Leica?

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M9 Sensor - Prosophos.

Wow, this is amazing — I have to give Leica full credit for following through on this.

For those who haven’t seen the announcement, here is the link:

Latest information on the CCD sensors of the Leica M9 / M9-P / M Monochrom and M-E camera models.

CCD sensor lovers, rejoice!


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13 thoughts on “New CCD sensor from Leica?

  1. This is indeed wonderful news. It backs up Leica’s words with action and instills confidence not only to users of the current CCD based Leica rangefinders, but to other future Leica purchases. This also allows not only confidence in continued use of the M9/ME/MM cameras by current owners but assures an extended life for these cameras for whomever might contemplate buying or selling one. Nice work Leica.

    Dave (D&A)

  2. Thanks so much for the news. We can continue to use and love our m9/p/me’s without fear of obsolence! You’ve surely been a valuable spokesman for us, Peter. Thanks again.

  3. I notice is it does not say a new CCD sensor has been created but a new generation of sensor keeping the same characteristics. Hoping I’m just being too cautious here, before rejoicing.

  4. MMM….very interesting news Peter and I think it was “that letter” to Leica that tipped them in this direction:-). This sort of changes things for me as was going to commit to an M9 or MM until there was a bit more certainty!!

  5. This is commendable. One could certainly debate as to whether or not the issue was avoidable, but this announcement really shows how a company can take ownership and responsibility of a problem, then make it right for the customer. Way to stand behind your product!

  6. Hey Peter

    Like yourself I prefer the look of the CCD sensor over the M240 CMOS but I have to say this new sensor in the Q looks outstanding. I think Leica finally figured out their look using a CMOS sensor (especially since it’s non Sony) and I’m pretty sure the next M will incorporate it. From what I’ve seen the images out of the Q are by far and away better then the images coming out of the M9. Do you feel the same way or do you have a different opinion?

    1. The Qs image quality is impressive and its colour signature is light years better than the M240 (for people photography anyway) even though it differs from the M9. I haven’t had a chance to process any RAW files from it though, so I don’t know how robust the files are, but I suspect they are solid. All in all, it makes me very optimistic about the new M, even though I’ll be staying with the M9 for the foreseeable future. There is just something magical (to me) about the M9 sensor and its output… but yes, I do believe with the Q that “Leica finally figured out their look using a CMOS sensor”.

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