Hot Tub.

Warm water, cold evening, mist.


Hot Tub

11 thoughts on “Hot Tub.

  1. Aivaras says:

    Great shot, I like dark tones in it. Interesting thing is that if you state that it is shot on film, I would believe it. Its not only about grain that is visible in the picture, it about overall look…

  2. PI says:

    Very good.

    Those colours are wonderful on the M9.

    Kristian Dowling just did a awesome review on Steve Huffs site with the M60 and his sample images if someone had asked me which camera he used without knowing I would have said the M9.

  3. Such a beautiful, textured, atmospheric image. It gives you the feeling that you’re there.

  4. There’s something about the M240’s sensor which is… how will I put this… thin. It’s not just that it has less beautiful colour than the M9, but its files don’t look as rich.

    Of course I’m open-minded and if someone can demonstrate that you can make the M240 look like the M9, then that would be very welcome. Someone said that all you have to do is reduce the gamut of the M240 to match that of the M9. No evidence was provided to back up this claim.

    • PI says:

      It is a unique camera and IQ, it is just a pity about the sensor issue. My worry about buying one is will Leica still be repacing sensors in 3 years time, I mean how many do they have because I know of one guy who had to replace his already replaced sensor.

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