5 thoughts on “The Gang (then and now).

  1. So darling it is ridiculous. So much blossoming in these years…..but also so many threads linking their younger to current selves. This is the magic of photographing family over time…especially when the photographer is talented enough to invite clarity and who obviously enlists everyone’s engagement. The bunny ears made me giggle.

  2. And here I was thinking you only had three kids!

    Now, I’m not a parent, right? But I was reading some comments on a thread about a woman who had seven kids. A couple of people saw this as a “problem to be addressed”.

    I thought, what kind of decadent society produces attitudes like that? I mean, don’t have seven kids if you don’t want. But what is it about some people who, despite having the privilege of existing (which means BEING BORN), seem to think that offspring are something to be lamented? There could be a few factors, but our society has some serious issues.

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