5 thoughts on “Hockey Girl (Saturday).

  1. Dear Peter,

    Thanks for sharing. Everytime I’m learning a bit more through your pictures (wich are filled with love) as a photographer.

    Never stop doiing the things you love.

    With greetings from Holland Quitama Everaardt

    > Op 14 dec. 2014 om 16:53 heeft Photographs by Peter het volgende geschreven: > > Groet, Quitama > > Met vriendelijke groet, > Quitama Everaardt-Wessels > > >

  2. No doubt the rangefinder can handle sports photography. While at scout camp this summer, I had the opportunity to share my limited Leica experience with a gentleman who has shot Leica’s all his life. He used a film M to shoot Indy 500 races as a photographer for the raceway in the 60s. He used the Visoflex with teles longer than the current 135mm. Today’s sports shooters have the luxury of 12 frames a second and digital and can spray and pray for one keeper.

  3. Peter, a Leica in your hands is like magic. Never let it go. And by the way, the inspiration from your site keeps me grounded and loving my M9. I have had both cracked and corroded sensors (fixed by Leica at to cost to me), but I continue to have a love affair with my M9 and M lenses. Some may think that I’m crazy, but it’s difficult for me to imagine owning any other cramera unless Leica designs a new one with a CCD sensor.

  4. Just a question, but why the 50 Summicron and not the Summilux? Also is this an older Summicron, non-ASPH?

    As always, it’s an inspiration to see the obvious love you have of your family. It is so evident through your photographs.

  5. Thank you Quitama, Duane, George, and Steve.

    Quitama, welcome here!

    Duane, I love hearing stories like that. Thank you.

    George, talk about keeping the faith! It’s too bad you’ve had to go through all of that, but I’m glad your M9 is still with you. I definitely have a connection with mine. With regards to my daughter’s hockey game, I stood in the same spot (where I was lucky enough to find a gap in the arena glass) casually shooting. I ended up with many keepers… enough to keep posting all week.

    Steve, this is the latest 50/2 summicron (non-APO)… I picked it up (and some cash) when I traded in the Sony A7S recently. It was a mint used copy that represented a better deal than just a straight cash sell. I prefer the 50 ‘lux ASPH , but this 50/2 is iighter and more “general purpose”. I would LOVE to have the APO version, but would have to sell all of my lenses to own it.

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