My Camera of the Year for 2014.


2014 Camera of the Year - M9 M-E


My camera of the year for 2014 is the Leica M9/M-E.

To this day, the Leica M9/M-E provides superior image quality, at base ISO, and the best shooting experience of any digital 35mm camera.

As most of you know, I’ve tried several of the latest-and-greatest-cameras and keep coming back to the M9/M-E for its unique image quality and ergonomic experience.

(The runner up is the Leica M8.)

What will 2015 bring?

Hopefully not sensor corrosion or cracking.

No, hopefully we will get what I’ve asked for in My Open a Letter to Leica.


Previous Camera of the Year Winners:


2013: Leica M9

2012: Leica M9

2011: Leica M9

2010: Leica M9

2009: Leica M9



13 thoughts on “My Camera of the Year for 2014.

  1. A.Hackauf says:

    EVEN SO!!

  2. Dear Peter: i can not stand laughing to myself while reading your post. I sold my M9 in order to buy the Monochrom cause love B&W and the uniqueness of those files..but you know…. after one month, I bought again the M9P and realised couldn’t live without her. Of course I am a proud signer of your letter since last year. Such a pity Leica has shifted to CMOS. Big hug!!

  3. Laurent says:

    Well, we certainly can’t blame you for lack of consistency 🙂 Thanks for your time and all the great work during this year.

  4. Harry Mueller says:

    I will keep my M9P for the same reason, great color. I have an olympus EM 1, nice camera for 4/3 and use it for common things, but the Leica is my artistic expression camera for sure. Of course I love my Leica film cameras, M3, 5, 7 and MP. Lenses are my main trust now and will keep the investment going. If you know someone who may wish to purchase any of my Leica film cameras, except the MP, they are going by way of ebay. Want to invest in more lenses. Oh I also love my Leica M8.2, my very first digital camera. Love it for Black and White.

  5. hwmueller says:

    Well I totally agree. I love my M8.2, M9P. I also love my film cameras but I find I am using them less and less. I have a M3, M5, M7, MP, would love to sell them except the MP. They are all in excellent shape and if you know if anyone is looking for any Leica film cameras let them know. Thank you for your great images and enjoy reading your blog. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Best Harry

  6. Greg says:

    Glad we both agree!

  7. Thank you Laurent, Harry, and Greg.

  8. PV says:

    Still coming to terms with my M9 but I do agree about the rendering at base ISO…not seen anything like it before…for low light I use the A7R

  9. Mike Leng says:

    Hi Peter
    I too am in praise of the Leica M9P, having used one for the past 24 months, but I’m hearing problems with the white spots, do you have an opinion re: this problem .

    • I’m taking my chances, since after trying several alternatives, I really don’t want to use any other camera (and who knows what hidden problems the M240 may have anyway — only time will tell).

      If the problem arises, I’ll send the camera to Leica and either have the sensor replaced or get credit towards a new model.

      It’s the same approach I’m taking with the infamous M8 “coffee stain” issue on the LCD. So far, I haven’t had that happen either.


  10. GavinPitts says:

    My opinion on a camera of the year, is very much in line with yours Peter. I shall continue to photograph with my M9-P until it gives up the ghost, or Leica decides to bring out a new CCD offering.

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