8 thoughts on “Baseball in the Backyard.

  1. A beautiful moment of a happy child. The low angle shot and the playful concentration with the raised bat melt to a powerful image. Love to see that your children are so active….wonderful out of focus background with blurry turquoise bubbles- like hundreds of baseballs….the missing “g” is a little secret for exact observer-Peter, are you going to proof us? 😉

  2. Hey Peter,

    Just came across your site this evening while researching colour negative scanning options.
    Beautiful work!

    Are all your film scans on the Plustek?

    The color image above is impressive. Any difficulty with noise scanning colour neg? I’ll assume the image above was scanned larger, then reduced for your post? What was the original scan size? How long does a scan take? I saw your comparison between the Epson V700 and the Plustek. Did you do any colour negative 6×7 on the Epson? Thoughts?

    I’m just returning to film. In the past, images were scanned on drum scanners, but now I’m looking for other affordable options.
    The Noritsu lab scans don’t quite cut it. Thank you for sharing your work!

    1. Hi Scott,

      I became lazy and so all of my recent colour images – including is one – have been processed and scanned by Downtown Camera (a photography store and lab here in Toronto).

      That being said, they are producing better results than I’ve ever accomplished via home scanning.


  3. Thank you for the response, Peter
    Really? So this scan is from a Noritsu CCD roll film scanner?
    I’m shocked, but encouraged too 😮

    btw – Love looking at your images, beautiful family!

  4. Your images are quite striking, Peter, and vindicate my decision to move into film (I’ve only ever shot digital)! I recently purchased a used Mamiya RZ67 (110mm f/2.8) in excellent condition. After two rolls of film, I’m relieved that I can properly meter my scenes; however, I’m dismayed at how difficult it is to hit the focal sweet spot. All my portraits are soft in the eyes despite (what I thought) was very careful attention to getting the focus right. Indeed, I only ever use the magnifying viewer. Even shooting at f/8 or f/11, I’m missing my subjects’ eyes! Your portraits are sharp, sharp, sharp! Is the learning curve steeper than I suspected? Have you discovered any rules of thumb about reliably getting the right focal length? Or have I just been damaged by AF? Thanks so much for any advice! And your photos are an inspiration!

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