Congratulations Mark!


Some well-deserved recognition for a friend of this site, and my friend-in-real-life, Mark for receiving the Mark of Excellence in the “I Shot It” Child Photo Competition for his hauntingly beautiful photograph Cross-Country.

Congratulations Mark!


Congratulations Mark

5 thoughts on “Congratulations Mark!

  1. 🙂

    Ahhhhh Peter! Thank you for the very unnecessary (but much appreciated) vote of confidence.

    (…And just today I was looking at Luiz and his very glossy feature in the very fancy magazine I just received.)

    There are certainly some great role models around here!


    1. Thank you Mark! Above all congratulations on your accomplishment — well deserved — an iconic moment of confidence. Just love it.

  2. Well done Mark…..this is the second time you have reached this stage in this competition. Third time lucky and I can feel a monochrom getting closer!

    Great image Mark…..hope you are well!


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