Hair Dryer.

I always have a difficult time capturing her, when she’s aware of the camera.

This time, I was able to photograph surreptitiously, with the help of the Ice Light (on the table).


Hair Dryer

5 thoughts on “Hair Dryer.

  1. greg g49 says:

    Surreptitious and candid, perhaps, but still so finely composed. I love how the background molding frames C and the repeating rectangles give it a delightfully relaxed spatial rhythm. Catching C unaware of the camera may be rare, but the finesse of your compositional eye is delightfully constant.

  2. andygemmell says:

    Very nice image Peter. This is where the ice light is a gem to use. I find as my children have grown up, the harder it is to take candid portraits. As you say they become a bit more aware of the camera. The innocence of child hood is such a special time to create images. The fact it is harder is a signal that things are changing and your daughter is growing up.

  3. […] but being spoiled by a man who creates the most beautiful pictures, often with this combo, Peter ‘Prosophos’, I picked the Summilux. Please check his website out and be amazed by his wonderful […]

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