15 thoughts on “Birthday Honey.

  1. Hi Peter,

    Cool picture! Every time you post a photo with a black background, I am asking myself the same question: which technique are you using? I know there’s a way to do this with a flash (in front of the subject) but I’m not sure you’re using one. Would you care sharing your method?

    In any case, thanks a lot for sharing these little moments with us, I am really looking forward to each of your blog posts.



    1. Hi Laurent, and thanks.

      Regarding your question, the colours/tones in this image cannot be obtained via artificial light. I used natural light.

      Secondly, my technique for doing this relies on CCD images. I cannot achieve this look processing CMOS-derived images (I tried with the Leica M240, Nikon Df, Nikon D800E, and the Sony RX1R… the Nikon Df came the closest, but it still does not match what I can get out of my M8/M-E(M9). The M240 was the worst).

      So once again, I ask for your support in signing my Open Letter to Leica (if you haven’t already done so):


          1. Indeed. A lot of us don’t need the bells and whistles coming with CMOS (live view, video…). What we need is a CCD sensor body with a better screen at the back and a less clunky shutter cocking mechanism. Better ISO might be good but not a priority. And that’s about it! Happy you’re taking a stand for all of us.

            1. Maybe a leaf out of Sony’s A7s book, reduce the number of pixels, increase their size a little and give that one extra stop, which i think is all everybody actually needs. No Live view but manual lenses make great video lenses so I’m in the minority in wanting CCD video via the OVF (just like my 10 year old compact manages).

              1. Thanks Adam. I believe the latest CCD 36 x 24 chip from Truesense (the people that gobbled up Kodak’s chips) is somewhere around 40 MP. I bet it can deliver one extra stop of clean ISO despite the more than doubling of sensor MP. But, I agree with you, I’d be willing to take less MP for better performance. I just want the performance to come from a CCD sensor. As much as I admire what Sony has done with the A7s, if somebody made the contention that its output matched the M9 at base ISO, I would have to disagree.

  2. I think this image is a very compelling, non-verbal appeal for rejuvenation/re-imagination of a CCD sensor. Perhaps Honey’s expression coupled with your imagery will melt Leica’s heart and sharpen their ears for the request. Maybe Leica will grant Honey’s birthday wish. If Honey could also wish for an increased rangefinder base length, too (maybe .85), that would be great. Happy Birthday, Honey.

  3. This photo is a absolutely perfect example for your Photography truth Nr. 12 and I improved my photos immediately to heed this advice! Wonderful natural warm colours from the CCD-Planet and Honey´s eyes are heartbreaking!

  4. a beautiful portrait of your Dog. I would love to have one myself, but i just work too much and don’t wanna leave it alone for 8 hours. glad to see posting nice M9 shots. i had m240 for the weekend, and i must say i got along better with it this time, i specially enjoyed the brighter viewfinder. i did not like the button layout, in term of image quality, i shot portraits all day, and i got some nice keepers from both cameras.but at the end, i still think that the m9 is special in certain areas. maybe its just me but i think the way the m9 renders blue (sky / ocean) is unmatched. i never got this from any other camera. i can send you some pics of my m240 vs m9 shootout if you like. Marc

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