15 thoughts on “The Doctor.

  1. “Life’s little moments” galore. Documentation that doctors in Canada still make house calls. They even arrive in pajamas to look after their patients. My oxygen sats went up and BP went down just looking at this charmer.

  2. After a couple of years following yours and Steve Huffs sites I finally made the jump to a leica m6 + 35 cron APSH. Shot my first roll of…..film after 10 years ‘out’ (last time was my beloved ‘blad). Like an expectant father (I know I have two) I await its development. Thank you Peter for your daily inspiration. Quick question…the general rule of thumb is to not shot less then the reciprocal of your focal length eg 35cron means no less than 1/30. Do you find that you can get away with a slower shutter than the ‘rule’ due to the rangefinder design eg 1/15 or even 1/8 handheld?

    1. Congratulations Tim, on getting on M6/35 combination.

      In answer to your question, you should easily be able to break the focal length/shutter “rule” with an M6. Certainly 1/15 is achievable with your new gear, and even 1/8 if you’re steady. The film Leica cameras are more forgiving than the M8/M9/M240, which are more forgiving than SLRs.

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