7 thoughts on “Come on Sony…

  1. As a once proud owner of 2, Mamiya-6 bodies and 1, Mamiya-7 body with a host of lenses, I’d sell my spouse (almost) to fund what you’re suggesting to Sony! I thoroughly enjoy my M9 & M240, but a MF digital rangefinder would be at a different level of image quality.

    1. Imagine a digital sensor the size of 6 x 7 film! I don’t think that will happen anytime soon; alternatively, there may be some technological breakthrough that will allow for the same level of quality in a diminutive camera.

      Back to reality… I would love to see the current Sony 50MP sensor in a body no bigger than the Mamiya 7… it doesn’t even have to be a rangefinder, but it should be a “photographer’s camera”.

      If anybody can do it, Sony can… though in an ideal world I’d like Leica to design the body and lens.

      1. Peter, brilliant idea !
        ……”Sony and Leica workers of the world, unite!”.. We want this “Soca”..or it is a “Leiny” 🙂 🙂 🙂
        Peter for President of SOCA!….first prototype: SOCA MF 1D……life on your screen !

      2. My choice would be a form and function something like the Fujifilm or Makina collapsible MF film cameras and in rangefinder function, with a 60mm x 70mm sensor. The problem is the compound issue of the higher resolving power and the increased accuracy required of lenses by sensors cf film. Glass of the grade of the 50-APO or 55 Otus would be required. In today’s money that sensor and such a lens combo would be astronomically expensive.

        Meanwhile I am pondering the 645Z as an M companion.

        1. Leica has never been afraid to charge premium dollars for low-volume gear. Bringing to market a system that is “astronomically expensive” would fit Leica nicely!

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