5 thoughts on “Listening to the inner child.

  1. Dear Peter,

    again a wonderful photo and fittingly headline!

    Good eye in the pre-processing with some pastel aspects..but I ask myself if she was riding or standing with her bike…ok, f2,5 probably, but the shot would not be easy taken, during riding, to catch sharp with this “low light”, or?!

    Peter, my inner child has a polite request: a “perfect and nice thing” would be if you could place the dates ( focal aperture, time) beneath your used camera! This would be the icing on the cake for me! 🙂

    By the way Andy, I agree with your comment in the first two words, but I can see no older woman – for me it´s a lovely and happy young lady with a curious tongue 😉 …and she seems to listen!

    In this frantic society it´s hard for the inner child! This was for me one of the reasons to love rangefinder-cameras and turn my back on 10 frames/sec!
    Listen and slow down! 🙂


    1. Hi Andreas, I’m no longer posting EXIF/apertures but you can safely bet that most of my shots are still wide open. In this case, the low light necessitated f/2.5. The cyclist was indeed very close and I did need to focus and time this carefully/quickly. I ended up cropping the extraneous right side of the frame to achieve a more harmonious composition (as an 8 x 10).

      Note, the cyclist’s headphones are pink, as is the child’s jacket.

      1. Note, the cyclist’s headphones are pink, as is the child’s jacket.

              Ah, thank you Peter, I didn´t realize /see it - this gives the headline a more intense meaning! 

        Another thing: This week I will put the first film into my RZ 67..exciting times 🙂

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