9 thoughts on “Train of Thought (Tracks).

  1. Nice. The M8 can really give some astonishing renders. Often I have wondered whether to give up the M9 and go for the “underdog” m8, simply to restrict myself. On another note, I hope all is well in other areas of life Peter. (As a physician myself, I have often seen that the combination of gear/toy reduction and a suspicious absence for a while can indicate a watershed event).

  2. There’s a lot I like here. One aspect in particular – is how the colour of the tracks feels organically like the trunks on the left – except in the middle where they are caught in the light – which reflects the colour and tone of the trunks on the right! To my eye, that lends extra strength to the curve in the tracks giving them an almost organic feel – much like the trunks. As if there is a form of mimicry tanking place. “I’m alive too!”. The composition is super tight and solid too – again echoing the subjects. It’s a great photograph.

  3. If truth be told, I wasn’t sure about this image. Not because I didn’t like it, but because I am inconsistent in my “landscape” photography and didn’t know if anyone else would find it appealing. If there is no person in a scene, I’m likely to botch up the photograph! My wife liked this one immediately, and I’m glad the people who commented here liked it too. Thank you.

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