The Peter | Prosophos Open Letter to Leica, revisited.

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Ahhh, that Kodak (now Truesense) sensor in the M9/M-E/Monochrom… is it still the best sensor out there?

My answer:  Yes.

Is there another sensor that conjures up the same level of image quality?

Yes, the one in the M8!

So, I’d to like see CCD sensors in future Leica M bodies.

Would you?

Please consider signing my Open Letter to Leica.

(over 250 signatures so far… )

Prosophos Open Letter to Leica


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One thought on “The Peter | Prosophos Open Letter to Leica, revisited.

  1. Peter, I wish I could sign a zillion times. I came to an m9 about a month ago from a fuji x pro-1 and my trusty m4. While Fuji’s film simulations were useful, I was more of an Astia film person. I can go one step better with Portra in my old blad or the m4. But having worked with my wife’s nikon digital images and viewed your and other’s m240 images, I just don’t care for the comparatively slick look of digital — even my Fuji’s. I hope your wishes for future ccds are hitting home in Solms.

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