19 thoughts on “2 Souls.

  1. Jaw dropped! I sit here with open mouth!

    Sir Peter, this is really soulful- was it a TV that captured the attention of this young Boy? The out-of-focus-area with the girl is marvelous and has nearly a “spooky” appearence( hope you all don´t misunderstand this word..just get a little bit of goosebumps). The two children form/build two poles and that is bringing tension!

    Did you perform magic with the M9/M-E and the 75? Is it possible that I can have this photo for my waiting room or/ and buy some other?


          1. I was playing with you seeing as you know don’t reveal what camera was used…. inviting us to guess.

  2. Gorgeous. Wonderful contrast between the eerie feeling of the photo and the happiness and hopefulness in the childrens eyes.

  3. When I owned and shot with M8 minus the IR filter and the 75mm 2.5 I thought the B&W convertion files where the best I had seen on a digital setup. It still is a great B&W lens with a CCD sensor.

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