8 thoughts on “Smoking Dog.

  1. …Not to put too fine a point on it; but I don’t actually see ANY smoke coming from the dog.

    (Perhaps it was the camera?)

    In any case, a nice conversion…

  2. They got it wrong! That busy businessman or bureaucrat on the move abreast the dog is himself simply but another dog: a smoking dog. Now that’s a hot dog fer yer.

  3. Then I notice, from an advertisement up across the way to the right, these words: ADVICE FOR WHAT MATTERS. Presumably that’s what he has. But what about the dog’s advice? Ad, man, and dog, in diagonal opposition one to the other, are the apices of a neat triangle.

  4. Also, the man, by being up close to the viewer represents the other similarly moving humans off in the distance yet within the triangle. The dog, for time being, seems to have paused: possibly some advice that matters.

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