4 thoughts on “No sound.

    1. Thank you Luiz. As I’ve previously written, I wasn’t expecting too much from this lens, based on the sample images I’d seen on the web. But, wow, I can’t believe how good it is… not sure if I just have a really good example of it, or whether they’re all like this. What I appreciate most is the combination of how sharp it is at the point of focus, and how smooth the bokeh is everywhere else (foreground and background). In contrast, the 35/1.4 FLE was fantastically sharp, but was prone to rendering “nervous” bokeh depending on the background. Still, I miss that lens… I miss most of the Leica lenses I’ve ever sold 🙂

    1. I never had the pleasure of using the CV 21, but I can vouch for the Zeiss ZM 21/2.8. It’s probably the most balanced wide angle for the M system, with just enough speed.

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