Ongoing Poll: Should Leica bring back the CCD sensor?

The longest running CCD poll :), asking whether a brand new CCD sensor should reappear in a future Leica M camera, is still running…

Why am I continuing this?

Because I love the rendering of CCD sensors!  The Leica M9 is like a portable digital mini-medium format camera.

At the very least, CCD sensors offer us photographers an alternative choice.

I’ve noticed a few notable individuals who were initially very enthusiastic about the Leica M240 (CMOS sensor camera) have now changed their tune and are subtly conceding that the M9 image quality at low ISO is superior.

So far, I have just over 400 votes…


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11 thoughts on “Ongoing Poll: Should Leica bring back the CCD sensor?

  1. Bijan Sabet says:

    I was having a little buyers remorse and wrote about it recently on my blog.

    Partially because I didn’t like how bloated the new M had become with features that simply don’t inspire me. And i felt the images just looked different than my trusty M9.

    But i’ve picked up the M240 again for the past week with the latest firmware and I’m feeling a lot better

    I’m hoping this weekend I can really give it a worthy test. Perhaps by then I will know which camera works best for me.

  2. Salim says:

    Peter, whether we like it or not, we have to go with time and technology, as much we would love to hold on with the M9, I am afraid the CMOS is the future. I am like you, I love my M9 and I dont see myself buying the M. But I am afraid I will have no choice… Sooner or later

  3. andygemmell says:

    I met with a photographer in NY, who does walking one on one walking tours and discusses street photography. We didn’t take many photos really (because there was two of us:-)), though he showed me different parts of NY. He had the 240 with him and was happy…but not glowing.

    I just noticed on his blog he is going to sell it and go back to the M9!! He was not a happy with the new firmware upgrade.

    for your interest this is his site…

    That said others like Kristian Dowling doing very nicely with it.

    • opencompetition says:

      His photographs are excellent. But on his last post it seems like he says he’s still trying to get used to it.

      I know that feeling.

  4. Harkirat Singh says:

    if u see medium format cameras like leica S, mamiyadf+ and hasselblad , then they all have CCD sensors intead of cmos. it clearly proves that CCD’s outperform CMOS at low ISO’s.
    also their image quality is better than cmos. cmos are meant for dark performance only .

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