9 thoughts on “The Beautiful Game.

  1. absolutely stunning.

    as you know i bought a noctilux partially because i was inspired by your imagery

    unfortunately have a few weeks I realized that it needs to go back for calibration. i bought it used and it is consistently back focusing.

    i was starting to have a lot of self doubt so kinda glad it’s the lens and not me 🙂

    the good news it that putting my summilux back on makes me feel like i’m holding a feather !

    1. Luckily, my second hand Noctilux was fine. I hope you get yours back soon.

      However, as you start using your 50 ‘lux more and more, in addition to enjoying the featherweight (in comparison) handling, you will re-acquaint yourself with its brilliant optical performance and begin wondering whether you need the Noctilux at all.


      1. And this is my problem now. I have the Summilux and its amazing in all aspects, makes me wonder why should I go with the Nocti. Very difficult Decision indeed

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