11 thoughts on “Birthday Girl.

    1. I spend quite a bit of time, not so much because I’m applying many steps, but because I’m continually dialing back my own changes to achieve a natural look. In this case, the “pre-processing” (my term) was good, so I applied only 2 steps but created 8 versions before I decided on this one.

      For more reading, see my previous posts here:



  1. What a happy-looking young lady. The photo matches the title perfectly. Your photographs often feature your children. I suddenly thought of a book idea: Growing up with a Daddy Who’s a Photographer. Normal for my children is to have a camera pointed at them; they knew no other way of life.

  2. Hi Peter,
    It prompted me to read the concept of pre-processing again…and so true to really capture the color, light, moment, compositon etc right & at the right timing; and with these, it is hard to achieve with post-processing. Lovely images of her.

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