11 images in 50 min, Part 2.

Part 2 of my 11 images in 50 minutes series.

11:59 am (Time = 11 min).

11 images in 50 min - 2

↑Leica Monochrom and Leica 90mm Summicron APO @ f/2.8.

5 thoughts on “11 images in 50 min, Part 2.

  1. dr hadi says:

    Fion Maccools shot by Peter THE Uber-cool , nice shot , just at the nick of the time , i can see a straight line peter , where the signboard is ending and the vehicle is froze in its tracks with the touch & go press of the shutter 🙂 superb

  2. dr hadi says:

    hahahaha, i am following your site and your vision for a while now …and it’s helping in my own small little photo taking experiences , i loved your terse commentary on leica m 240 and the word canikoleica …it will find it’s way in urban dictionary soon ;)…and now take this …taking a cue from your write -up “10 ways to create bad photographs.” the 11th commandment is ..shoot without following/listening peter/prosophos.com ( you will miss the big picture & the finer aspect of photography ) cheers 🙂

  3. andygemmell says:

    Nice timing and nice spotting Peter. I am enjoying your images of late where by you are shooting for the scene and not subject, and not quite as wide open. If that makes sense (scene vs. Subject)?

    This and 1928 are the examples I refer to of late.

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