7 thoughts on “11 images in 50 min, Part 1.

  1. Whatever DID we do before there were cell phones?

    I watched an on line video the other day of a presentation about classic painterly composition in photography. From that, I now notice that your subject/ground relationship is great here with the man’s well lit face and cell phone against dark backgrounds. If, instead, he’d been two steps forward where his face would have been against the similarly valued portion of the column or his hand had strayed out against the white Mini, regardless of focus, I don’t think it would work. Like you say, not earth shattering content, but the composition is spot on (although, in a perfect world, the Mini would have been green or blue [or purple]) .

    So now I can see this, if only I could do it. I know, practice, practice, practice…

    1. Re: Practice, practice, practice.

      Think of this series as my “camera calisthenics” – I was practicing shooting the 90 ‘Cron @ f/2.8 or f/2… on the fly.

      I did this mainly for fun (it was so nice to finally have a mild day and be out shooting!), and the light was mostly flat, so I won’t pretend to have created anything memorable. Still, I’ve selected images to display that offer something of value (and some I’m actually very pleased with), so I’m glad you noticed the light and composition here.

      Thank you for your comments Greg,


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