7 thoughts on “Facing.

  1. What I like about this image is the angle you’ve framed the building (stationary) and then I see the wind (motion) in the subjects hair creating a different sort of contrast to me.

  2. Très cher Peter,

    My message is for all your work!

    Your recent pictures are as always a source of inspiration … and I noticed that the black and white is in the spotlight!

    I hope you take taste, this MMonochrom! Reassured that you are, and your choice is inked …

    I am very happy to rediscover the 28 mm, in your hands and your sensitivity … We keep this signature, which makes your fame, but with a different perspective, and of course, with much more depth of field! LOL!

    This is where we see the talented … You can change focal (in your case: 28/50/90), we keep this consistency and style that works wonders!

    Your last image, presented here, is really striking!

    Good luck Peter!

    Your friend.


    PS: thank you again for your beautiful message to me on DPR …

    1. My Dear Hughes,

      Well in fact I struggle with anything else other than the 50mm field of view – anything above or below this field of view is, for me, a distortion of things. And I’m definitely least comfortable with the 28mm, so I’m glad you find this one interesting.

      Thank your for your kind words.

  3. A different type of image from recent ones Peter. Moves into the different type of genre almost(?)…not sure if thats the correct description.

    The balance of the image, with light on one side and dark on the other (line running through centre of image…not diagonal of the building – yet this in itself is a leading line of sorts) sets this up imo and then this allows it to “hold” the centre piece of the image. Its different and I like it!

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for the comments. I believe I know what you mean when you write that the 28mm may be forcing me to “move into a different type of genre almost(?)”.

      In this photograph, however, I’m not entirely convinced my composition is successful. I have a different image (taken at the same time, but with a different vibe) that I think is more harmonious in its placement of elements, but it lacks the “hair in the face” moment. Oh well… all my “learning” with the new lenses will be out on display for some time, so I ask for your patience.

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