Street Symmetry.

Street symmetry

↑Leica Monochrom and Leica 28mm Elmarit ASPH @ f/4.

This is what I’m referring to:

Street symmetry (schematic)

It’s the spontaneous coalescing of disparate elements into a pleasing composition that, for me, makes this interesting.



9 thoughts on “Street Symmetry.

  1. drhadi says:

    lovely assimilation of different elements making the whole picture unique .

  2. nickolas says:

    some of your shots are so good it’s scary.

  3. mewanchuk says:

    Wow. That is a LOT of symmetry! Cool shot…I’m not sure I would have consciously seen it all unless you pointed it out. Well done!


  4. Jose Salcedo says:

    Hi Peter,

    I love this shot and, intuitively, I felt a similar symmetry and tension between the elements. Great photograph.

    • Prosophos says:

      Thanks Jose. I debated posting this one, because it had little else of interest (the light is flat, the individuals are not doing anything particularly interesting)… but my eye kept being drawn back to the patterns, so I thought I’d share it.

  5. John says:

    Virtual photographers need lessons on composition a whole lot more than megapixels, IQ, DR, and the endless minutia that fills the blogosphere. Well done!

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