Test Shot: 28mm Elmarit ASPH.

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When I acquired my first rangefinder in late 2007 — the iconic Leica M8 — the two Leica lenses I purchased were the 50mm Summilux ASPH and the 28mm Elmarit ASPH.

Well, at some point along the way, I sold that little 28/2.8.   That was a mistake.

It’s now back in the fold… and I’ve come full circle.

(I was wiser then than I am now.)


28mm Elmarit ASPH

↑Leica M9 and Leica 28mm Elmarit ASPH @ f/2.8.

14 thoughts on “Test Shot: 28mm Elmarit ASPH.

  1. I will be curious to see how you make out with the new addition Peter. I have the previous version on my list as it uses a 46mm filter as does my 50 lux and 90 Elmarit. Just makes it easier for me to shoot wide open and only need to carry one filter size around.

    However, I still have a 39mm 3 stop ND filter that would fit the 28 Elmarit ASPH.

    1. That seems like a sound strategy Duane. Truth be told, however, I’d seldom need a ND filter for an f/2.8 lens, but in very bright sun if I did, I would just stop down to f/4. By the way, your 3 lens set-up is similar to mine (more on that later).

    2. This issue that Duane have commented makes sense if you’re going to use a set of lenses with the Monochrom — wich base ISO is 320. Although maybe just 2-3 filters would be needed. Another point: If the Monochrom files behaves like BW conversion by software the best color filter I would try is the green-yellow as I usualy choose that one to convert my color files, but I might be wrong. Are you going to use color filter on your lenses + MM, Peter?

  2. Hi Peter

    I have no experience with the 28mm Elmarit, indeed I’ve always dismissed that particular focal length as being too close to 35mm. Despite that and against my better judgement I bought the Voigtlander 28/1.9 several months ago, the penny dropped and now I get it!!!

    At least you were wise at the outset…..:-)


    1. Thanks Jason. I no longer own any 35mm focal length lenses (see my response to Duane above) so the 28mm focal length is a very welcomed addition. Looking forward to seeing your images with the Voigt 28/1.9.

  3. Congratulations Peter!

    I love this lens — compact, light and super sharp at any aperture (so sharp that I turn sharpening off while processing raw files if they will be converted to b&w), besides the 28mm focal length is so nice and pushes creativity (at least for me). I don’t have many lenses, but my first set of lenses was exactly as was yours. 🙂 Now, even with a 28 summicron, my elmarit still here. Every once I think to sell the elmarit I say to myself “another day”.

    Looking forward to see your new images with this little gem.

    1. Yes Luiz, we seem to have the same taste in our first lenses. In addition to what you mention above, I would also add that the Elmarit has almost zero distortion and is extremely resistant to flare. And I’m glad to learn you still have yours, though I know the 28mm ‘cron is very special.

  4. So, Peter, what are the lenses that you finally settled for with your M9? I understand Elmarit 28, Summilux 50… and?

    1. The Konica Hexanon 60/1.2… just kidding. I’ll have a post with the new lens soon, please don’t make me spill the beans before it’s time :).

  5. Nice pic! I’m considering to add 35lux fle sometime. But 28 elmarit asph is one lens that I am interested to get. I like the size, and I haven’t read about any major flaw on this lens. A gem at a great price.

    Look forward to more pics from you!

  6. So funny, I also recently purchased the 28 elmarit and I really love it! It is so light and compact and I definitely feel the difference in weight when attached to an M, compared to my trusty 35 cron. I’m looking forward to your lens setup report!

    1. It’s been a while since I’ve owned a 35 ‘cron, and the one I owned was the sliver (heavy) type, so I hadn’t thought about the difference in weight. However, you’re correct Joeri, the (black) 35 Summicron ASPH is officially listed as 255 g, and this 28mm Elmarit ASPH is listed as 180 g.

      Enjoy yours!

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