9 thoughts on “Rock pool lounging.

  1. Lovely moment Peter. Really like the tones in this photo.

    So did I read correctly the other day…you are going to continue to give the MM a go?

  2. Peter,

    A gorgeous moment, as always. I love the B&W–so classic! However; this moment is a perfect example of an instance where my wife would kill me if I didn’t have color available. Funny how some people seem to think, see, AND remember in B&W, and others have to have the color.

    In any case, this belongs in an album, or up on a wall!


    1. Thanks Mark,

      The original scene had muted tones (it was late when this was shot) and B&W seemed to suit the image best. Most of my images from Barbados have been processed in colour (for good reason), however.

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