The package.

Inspiration, Nikon, Nikon 58mm f/1.2 NOCT, Street, Teaching point


From a few years ago.

At the time, I was rather fond of this simple image but most people I showed it to only politely smiled… they clearly weren’t impressed.  Now, years later, I think I understand my attraction to it.

I like the way the gentleman’s legs parallel the skier’s skis, as does his downward gaze.  Interestingly, his figure and the dust bin beside him mirror the Purolator logo… something I hadn’t noticed at the time.

As an aside, it’s always nice to go back and re-visit our images but I’m always amazed at how many of my own, if taken today, would end up being deleted.

—Peter | Prosophos.

The package

↑Nikon D3S and NOCT-Nikkor 58mm @ f/4.

2 thoughts on “The package.

  1. Peter I think looking through older photos is very enlightening. It gives you a chance to review, reflect, critique and improve…

    So in that sense I think it is great for a type of self awareness exercise and make you think….why didn’t I delete this? Or more importantly why did I create this in the first place? There will always be a reason no matter how small or trivial it may seem. But…important to you.

    Your explanation of this photo immediately points me in the direction on “Canvases” and “In Step”.

    Apart from portraiture and “Lifes Little Moments”, seeing a correlation between two objects or two people or in this case a person and an object has now presented itself 3 times in my short viewing history of your blog.

    This post and your comments fit in very nicely to your ongoing review of why and how we choose to do things.

    1. Thank you Andrew. I do, indeed, look at my old images to ask precisely those “self awareness” questions you posed.

      As for the ongoing articles, they will be put on hold. Other work is taking my time up (for now).

      Thank you again for your insightful commentary.


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