5 thoughts on “Canvases.

  1. Very nice. Reminds me of your “In Step” picture posted about 2 months ago. Another Peter Prosophos signature perhaps?

    1. Hey Andrew, it’s always nice to get a comment from you. Interesting that you see a similarity between these in many ways different images. I kind of see it, now that you mention it..

  2. Verry nice image. Did you use the VC @ 1.4?

    Been thinking myself of using Superia 200/400 color film is an ‘cheaper’ alternative for B&W film like Neopan 400/Tri-X.
    What’s your feeling about the film used in B&W for Portraits and Street?

    1. Hello Roel,

      This was probably taken at f/4.

      I like using Superia for the flexibility of having both both colour and (following conversion) B&W. It renders nicely, but dedicated B&W films (Tri-X, Ilford) have the edge with respect to maximal resolution and separation of tones.

      Thank you for the kind words.


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