Guest Post [2]: Mark develops film for the first time.

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I received this email from Mark this morning and his enthusiasm was so infectious, I just had to make it today’s post.  And of course, the images speak for themselves.

Well Peter,

I did it!!

Thanks to your direction and encouragement, I have developed my first roll of B&W film.

Attached below are a few of the results.

I realize they are scratched and full of flaws (flaring and such…) but…I think they are incredible!

I realize I am biased, however; I wanted to take the time to thank you for your efforts in getting me (and hopefully many others!) to this point.

There is nothing quite like the feeling that producing something like this brings…

I am now certain that I am “The (second…) Most Interesting Man in the World” (Dos Equis anyone?? I’ll leave the top spot to you…for now.)

…Mosquitos refuse to bite me, purely out of respect.  I can now live vicariously through…myself.


Anyway, these are shot on a Zeiss Ikon, with a 50 lux 1.4; mostly at 1.4 or 2 with an ND Filter.  The film is T-max 400, and they were scanned on the Plustek 7600 (currently on special at B&H!)

Anyway, all the best…I hope we can meet in person some day soon.

Mark, these are so full of LIFE.  Wonderful work my friend…

If I had a small part in making this happen, I am honoured.


[Note:  For other readers interested in learning about how I process B& W film, please click here.]

4 thoughts on “Guest Post [2]: Mark develops film for the first time.

  1. Great job Mark! The results of the first time developing film looks beautiful and as mentioned by Peter, the images are wonderful and are indeed so full of life!

    Thank you, and Peter ofcourse, for sharing!

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