My “Photographing your family…” article featured on Steve Huff!

My “Photographing your family with the BEST photo equipment” article was featured today on!

I’m once again honoured and would like to thank Steve for his ongoing support of my work!

If you want to see the article, as posted on Steve’s site, please click here.

For convenience, I’m re-posting the images below.

Thanks for reading,


(please click on the images below to view them LARGE)

17 thoughts on “My “Photographing your family…” article featured on Steve Huff!

  1. jonrey says:

    great site and images. i must say that your site helped pushed me in getting the M last year. keep up the great work you’re doing.

    • Prosophos says:

      Thank you… didn’t know that. I hope you’ve been happy with your new camera, and I appreciate you letting me know I helped you with your choice!

  2. jasonehowe says:

    Yes, I blame you for all my lens purchases……..your a wanted man in NZ!! On a more serious note it’s another wonderful post. I have left a few words on Steve’s site but for some reason is currently sat in moderation. All the best, Jason

  3. robsonj says:

    I cang agree with you mre regarding family photos. For me they are probably the main reason to buy the best camera equipment I can afford. And once taken, the value of the photos only increases with each passing year!

    Great site btw, I’m now an RSS subscriber!

  4. Joeri says:

    Congrats Peter, another nice post on Steve Huff!

  5. Hongko says:

    Greetings from surabaya, Indonesia. Glad to know your sites, I love your styles with wide aperture and simple things. I do agree that we should use our best equipment to our family. Many photographers use their best equipment for model and change to pocket camera for family 😦

  6. hughf says:

    Dear Peter,

    i don’t have to write a lot…I hope You known how much i respect your: Firstly: Elegance,
    your talent and your work ( Your love for the Photography and more again for your Beautifull Family )…
    Always a true pleasure of follow your magical Blog !!!

    Have a great Time mon Ami .


    • Prosophos says:

      You are correct, dear Hugues, you need not write too much… I know yours is a photographic soul, mon ami… Thank you for always being positive and supportive!

  7. Trevor says:

    Wonderful article, and my feelings exactly. I wrote up a post for tomorrow and will be linking to your article hear, if you don’t mind. Really great work, and good words with which to accompany it.



  8. […] and are comfortable with (recently, a blogger I respect very much wrote about this, and you should read that as well).  Use whatever you can get away with for other things that aren’t important, but the […]

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