2 thoughts on “Santa Claus Parade (Markham).

  1. Peter: Great photos. You’re an excellent photojournalist. When you shoot an event, I always feel that I am at the occasion; not to mention how well you manage composition and color that are always pleasing to the eye. By the way, when I saw earlier photos of your son in his band uniform, he wasn’t holding an instrument and I wondered what instrument he played; now I know it’s the clarinet. I have a grandson in high school who plays the bass violin and bass guitar in the orchestra, band and jazz ensemble.

    1. Thanks George! Yes, he plays the clarinet. He enjoys it but he only took it up because his music teacher promised that if he played it for a year, he could thereafter play the saxophone. Well, a year later the music teacher reneged. Apparently, he’s pulled that stunt on many other students…

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