Guest Post: Aaron C Greenman.

2022, Guest Post, Inspiration

I am pleased to feature some the latest work of Aaron C Greenman in this Guest Post.

Aaron‘s past contributions may be found here, here, and here.

Thank you,


From Aaron:

As I previously mentioned Peter, I am back living in the US after 16 years abroad, and it has been interesting so far. Over the past months I have enjoyed having the opportunity to reconnect with family as well as to travel around the American South.

I’m attaching several recent photos, nothing revolutionary aesthetically, but I hope you enjoy all those greys as much as I do.

“Go South, young man
That’s where you belong
The South, young man
Is your promise land
East is East
And West is West
But if you want to go where they loves you the best
Go South, young man”

– Cab Calloway


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