3 thoughts on “Mementos of a Gloomy Day at Home (1-5).

  1. I think Cosina has done a great job with this new Nokton 50. Really lovely rendering, especially on film.
    I’ve been tempted by that, and the new 28mm Ultron, even though my M2 doesn’t have the frame lines for it.

    1. I think they have as well, and I’m eyeing that 28 like you. And also like you, I don’t have framelines for it, but I guess the whole rangefinder window in the M2 acts as a 28mm… If the 35mm framelines are too distracting, you can cover the window that lights them up.

      Having said all of that, I am using the new 35/2 by Cosina, and I like it too! So maybe I’ll just stay with what I have.

      1. I could scavenge the 28mm Leitz finder I have on my barnack, I suppose. I use that with a very nice Hektor 2.8cm (coated!)…which is a completely different 28mm experience. Very sharp in the very middle, lots of very cool vignette, definitely old-school. Maddening so, sometimes.
        Good idea about covering the frame illumination window. Might be the most “elegant” solution.
        Looking forward to seeing more Ultron 35 shots!

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