2 thoughts on “The Beach, 6.

  1. Hi Peter

    Been a while since I dropped by.

    I’m getting a sense this camera and the lenses have you back engaging more in photography again?

    Your perspective, capturing light and the subject matter just seem to have an energy I’m used to seeing from you when J first started following you.

    Hope the family are safe and well.


    1. Andy! Nice to hear from you old friend. We are all well, though currently in another lockdown. CoVID numbers are skyrocketing, thanks to the variants and a Provincial government that was too keen on opening things up quickly (despite the warnings from experts – but hey, what do we medical types know about public health?).

      Yes, I’m really enjoying the camera/lenses. The 100S feels totally different to me vs. the 50R. Much more of a spontaneous camera thanks to IBIS and the ability to shoot handheld without a tripod — even in dim light.

      Hope you and your family are well Andy. Please don’t be a stranger.


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