4 thoughts on “Fresh Honey.

  1. So how are you liking that Fuji so far? The light here is spectacular and I suspect makes more difference than camera or medium, but what do I know? I absolutely love the B&W Homework Belladonnas, but that’s a pretty predictable preference for me. Looking at the M2/film Sat Am shot versus H in the chair, it seems to me that (at YouTube resolution) most of the difference I see is lens related. So anyway, kind of a long-winded extrapolation of the original Q “how’re you finding the Fuji experience?” Hope everyone is well.

    1. Hi Greg,

      You’re right the light was spectacular. I wasn’t planning on photographing as I was getting ready for the work day, but when I saw the light I grabbed my camera. Luckily my “model” followed me out the door and the rest is history.

      The detail in the X100S is quite impressive. I’m including a screen shot of the 100% crop (not sure how it’s going to render on WordPress but I hope you get the idea):

      So the image quality coming out of this camera is impressive. Certainly the best I’ve ever experienced. But as I’ve learned in the past, all the image quality in the world will not make up for a poorly designed camera. Well, I’m happy to say Fuji got it right. I love this thing. It’s the first camera since the M9 that I can’t wait to shoot with. It’s all the little things, and some of the big things (like IBIS). It’s not a rangefinder, for sure, but its strengths align in a way that make it just as enjoyable for me to use.

  2. That’s what I wanted to hear – first since the M9! Years ago it was your M9 shots which convinced me to get one, and I’ve never regretted it. Have been looking for to upgrade for a while and it looks like the GF100S will be it. I appreciate your work.

    1. The 100S is a different beast Harvey. You might or might not like the way it operates, which of course is totally different from the M9. One thing you’ll love however, is the image quality.

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