7 thoughts on “Guitar and Chair.

  1. Peter, just wondering, do you use compression for the jpgs when exporting for the blog?


    No post about Leica 35 APO? 🙂

    1. Hi Marcin. I usually export the original from LR to 800 px (now 1000 px) for the website. Why do you ask?

      Re: the 35 APO, I don’t know what to say other than I’ll probably never shoot with it, unless Leica lends it to me to try out.

  2. NIce to see you moving on in Gear Peter, the Fuji files look amazing! I’m also moving on from my Sigma fp (colours also amazing) to a fuji, but I’m going the otherway. I’m getting a X-E4 as it has a EVF (yer!) a tilt screen (yer!) and it fits in my pocket (can’t say the same for your fuji!!) My quest for a leica (like) M9 like camera continues (and I can afford it). We’ll see how the files turn out. Be good if you did a comparison to a medium format/fulframe/Aps-c sensor to see how your fuji resolves a picture better than a smaller sensor. (light, colour, detail etc.) would be interesting to see the differences. Look forward to your Fuji mojo progressing. ATB / JH

    1. Thank you! The colours are courtesy of Fuji. So nice to be working with a camera I don’t have to fight against in that respect. Congratulations on your X-E4 by the way.

      I don’t have any other digital cameras around anymore to compare the GFX X100S against, but I can safely say it’s giving me the best image quality I have ever experienced. I mean, it should, given its up to date sensor + the size of the senor.

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