5 thoughts on “Dark Side of the Room.

  1. A classic I still have it but I am a bit more Lana Del Rey these days. Vinyl is so much like film just better worth investing in a good turntable, amp and speaker system.

  2. Thank you gentlemen.

    On a technical note, I really like how the 35/1.7 renders. I know it’s nearly impossible to see with these small web-sized JPG images, but you have to trust me.

    Thanks too for the recommendation Ian.

  3. Seems like only yesterday you started with “Kind of Blue” and now look how those pesky vinyl bunnies have multiplied… Miles Davis and David Gilmour, now there’s a pair. I once tried to write a poem that began by recounting some of the sounds from the beginning of “Dark Side” and the middle of Dire Straits “Private Investigations”, and then turned to longing for a train to Fargo, ND; as one might expect, given that combination, it didn’t turn out well… but I really do like this photo, it does a great job setting a mood. Hope you’re all well.

    1. Dear Greg, so nice to hear from you! Let’s just say that this album was a generous gift from a fellow Canuck who also happens to host a photography blog.

      Your erstwhile poem could have just as easily been a masterpiece if fate had tilted your way… though either way you tried, my friend. I’m doing well, I hope you are too.

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