2 thoughts on “Gingerbread (Decorating 1 – 12).

  1. Hey Peter! Just wanted to jump in and wish your family a happy holidays. I hope you guys have a great time together. Images here look great. I did just revamp my own website, somewhat following your lead. Allowing comments on images and going a bit more of a blog style. I’m going to try and get off the social media platforms more, and try and steer my client base back to my own website. I’m not sure it will work, the social crap is so ingrained in our society right now.

    I did pick up the Z7II and the 50mm 1.2. Really incredible combo. The only downside to the 50, its freaking huge! We are taking a trip to Florida over Christmas, I’m looking forward to doing some work with it. Take care!

    1. Hi Dave! That’s so nice of you, thank you. I wish you and your family the best.

      The 50/1.2… yes “freaking huge” is no exaggeration. I haven’t seen any images made with it yet, but at that size I hope it delivers the goods!

      Re: getting off the social media platforms, I’m afraid it may hurt your business. When I went off them a few years ago, it definitely reduced traffic. I don’t regret the decision though, for many reasons.

      On a related note, I watch my kids scroll through photos on various apps (they really don’t bother going on websites through web browsers unless they are specifically looking at this site to find an old photo) and they just scroll through them, spending 1 sec or less on each photo. It really demonstrates to me how photography has been cheapened and trivialized. Some of the photos are really nice, and those are the ones that get the full 1 sec of attention from my kids, lol, before being scrolled away into oblivion.

      So, I shoot film and post here. It’s the photographic equivalent of a lonely desert island but the natives are friendly enough.

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