6 thoughts on “3 Generations.

  1. These last two are great. Particularly this one.

    I can imagine a few bokeh peepers having meetings about the two OOF cabinet knobs on the left. This meeting would be a contrast of new and old – 4K projectors and leather lounges. There would be finger food served.

    1. LOL, sounds like you’ve attended your fair share of meetings.

      I know you didn’t intend for a response on this, but I’m personally done with the whole bokeh discussion. Can the bokeh of the Voigt 40/1.4 be “interesting” (in a bad way)? For sure. It has turned me off many a time. But — on the balance — this lens just shines in so many situations that it is the “one” lens for me. And I’ve used all of them, including Leica’s finest.

    2. Karim,

      Assuming you are the organizer of said-conference, please register me—pending the relaxation of existing CoVID-related travel restrictions, of course. I would like to declare my intention to argue (surprisingly, perhaps…) in support of the “cabinet handle bokeh”. I assume there will be a dedicated wing of the hotel, where we supporters can congregate and trade ideas, whilst shooting a game of eight ball over a Negroni concocted by the the one-and-only Stanley Tucci?

      1. LOL well it would have to be a combined conference of multiple specialities of bokeh appreciation. That’s what conferences are for – getting people together!

        I mean, you have fine point specular bokeh, fine point diffuse bokeh, natural bokeh, studio bokeh, morphic bokeh, fine plane bokeh, focus roll-off, field differential bokeh, general bokeh, macro bokeh, and probably others.

        The question is, should it be held in Las Vegas or Montreal? Or perhaps Seattle? Questions, questions. Maybe Peter has an idea. Stanley would be a guest of honour. How much does he charge?

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