7 thoughts on “A Day at Pinery Park (25 images).

  1. I hope you are doing OK Peter. Great to see the kids growing. Lovely set of images and to see you force your creativity through a simple (gorgeous) setup. How are you metering? Are you one of these geniuses who can meter by eye? Or are you using a meter?

    1. Hi Ken, I’m well, hope the same for you.

      Thank you for your comments! In answer to your question, I’ve always metered with the appropriately-named iPhone app “Light Meter”.

      With regards to the simple camera/lens set-up, it’s always been that sort of set-up that has allowed me to take the kind of photos I want to take. Every other kind of camera makes it more difficult by getting in the way.

  2. Peter
    Nice pictures of your growing kids. Simple and clean set up, very natural. This is what photography should be. It sounds like the new M2-R is bringing some joy and creativity back into your long standing hobby. Most importantly it looks like you had a great time together. This is what this all about.
    Enjoy your ‘new’ camera and more family time together.

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