4 thoughts on “The Big Lie (Down).

  1. This looks good to my eyes. Is there any reason in particular that you opted for the single coated over the multi coated version this time? Looking forward to what you create with the new combo.

    1. Hi Will and thanks,

      In answer to your question, I’m now using the multi-coated Nokton 40/1.4. When I recently sold all my Nikon gear, I also sold the single-coated Nokton I was adapting to that system.

      1. Thanks Peter. I just ordered mine today. Your comment about it being “probably the best lens ever created for capturing life” resonated with me. Though I sometimes have mixed feelings about the 40mm focal length being in ‘no-mans land’ (for the 2×3 aspect ratio – I really like it in 4×5), it very well may be the perfect (one-lens focal length) compromise for: portraits, family moments, travel, landscape, etc. So why this lens? The 1.4 aperture is a must for kids indoors and to satisfy creative interests with shallow depth of field. Small size and light weight are requisite for me if I’m really going to lug it around (along with my young family), and the rendering is very nice. We’ll see how it works out for me in practice, but I really like how you’ve used it over the years to capture everyday life.

        1. Update: I just completed the lens with a Minolta CLE. I’ve had the opportunity to photograph with a lot of gear, but this may be my final 35mm film set-up. Lightweight, fast, fun to use, and balances near perfectly. Thanks again for the inspiration. Time to offload some gear now.

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