The Leica M9…

Inspiration, Leica M9(P)/M-E (CCD Lives!)

… had the last great sensor that Leica ever put into an M body (almost as good as the M8‘s).

Please Leica, please, bring back an M with a CCD sensor (can we get 1,000 people to sign this damn letter, LOL?!… there are enough of you out there to make it happen).

I’ll take a Prosophos M-CCD Special Edition, thanks.


EDIT #1: Post this on your tiky-tok channel so all the young folks can get in on it.

Edit #2:  Yay!  Another person signed 🙂

14 thoughts on “The Leica M9…

  1. I can’t afford one. The sigma fp is what a new M9.v2 should be (with an evf). As you say, the new M is going in a direction I cannot follow or afford. Having the best of both worlds, M glass and L glass is great & in a more affordable package. What am I missing out on? (Yes an EVF) but still?

  2. Will the Prosophos M-CCD Special Edition come with pre-brassed black paint and some kind of extinct animal hide covering and cost $25,000?

    Sign me up.

    1. Alas, I’m almost certain that it will never be made, even though I’ve championed it for years. True story: when Leica started to sell refurbished M9s I contacted them about it and they never responded. Twice.

      I think I was placed on their naughty list when the M240 was released; at the time, I said its image quality was inferior to the M9 (I’m guessing that ruffled a few feathers in Wetzlar).

  3. Hate to the bearer of bad news but On Semiconductor (who bought Kodaks CCD business) has announced that will be ceasing all CCD production and closing the former Kodak CCD plant in June/July 2020. I think the M9 had a KAF18500 sensor in it, and On Semi made most of the larger format CCDs. Sony makes CCDs but they tend to be much smaller up to 1 inch size and they have also announced they are leaving the CCD business with 2025 being last date for shipping a Sony CCD.

  4. i am an addict, i just rebought an M9p with replaced sensor. it still is such an amazing camera. I had the M10 for a while but i was not too happy with the blown out highlights, also the liveview was making be lazy.

    1. Yes, thanks. Well, in my case, since I couldn’t have the greatest digital camera Leica created thus far (the M9), I’ve gone to an even better Leica option: a film M camera.

  5. The ceased production and can no longer even repair the M9 series sensor (which was slowly corroding). Glad I had mine done last year (though it was stupid expensive). Now I am looking at an M10-R to compliment it

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