2 thoughts on “The Runner.

  1. Hey Peter! Did you try a few that elevated your son at all? I feel he gets lost in the background. I like the placement and capture of his head above the skyline. Looks like a fun evening! I joined you with a Z7. I can definitely tell a difference in details and sharpness. It’s been exciting, even with that subtle of a change.

    1. Congratulations Dave! You should get on really well with the Z7 – it’s perfect for portraiture.

      Your comment re: elevating my son with respect to the background is excellent. I actually wasn’t able to, without getting closer to him; this would have meant encroaching on the track and in the way of the other runners. Note, I was already low to the ground.

      I suppose I could have placed the camera right down to the ground and used the LCD to shoot, but it was already difficult enough in the darkness to hit focus and I felt I had more control shooting through the EVF. Regardless, this was one of only a few shots where focus was (relatively) achieved.

      Anyway, not the best gear for this sort of shot. My D500 + 70-200 would have been the better (but heavier) gear choice!

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