5 thoughts on “Lawyer Layer.

  1. Advertising from lawyers and doctors was frowned on for a long time in the US – they seemed shady. Now, though, everything goes – like selling meds as well. Never ceases to surprise me!

  2. Peter, I agree with the comments on advertising. Nevertheless, this image just engages me. There is something about it that makes you want to keep on looking at…the bus with the advertising, the buildings in the background and the colors. Another one of your ordinary captures made extraordinary. And I really appreciate how your post processing is never over done and always appears film like.

    1. Thanks George! I’m glad you find it interesting, because I really wanted to discard it but I kept going back to it too.

      Thanks also for the comment about my post-processing. As you know, I really try to exercise restraint, but do occasionally stray over the line. I think so often the over-the-top look that dominates much of modern photography is consequent to people viewing images on their phone screens where, out of necessity, bolder is better.

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