6 thoughts on “The Remains of the Day Before.

    1. Hi Dave,

      It certainly is working out, though I’ve been limited to test shots — which is okay with me, since I really want to see how it behaves on the Z7 before I’m in a situation where I’m facing a special “must-have” shot.

      I’ve pretty much decided that, in order to take advantage of the resolution of the Z7, I will use this lens as a “40mm Summicron”. In other words, I will use it as @ f/2. That’s where the sharpness really kicks in. For example, the photo in this post was shot at f/2.

      Having said that, @ f/1.4 it really renders portraits in a dreamy way (see the previous post: https://prosophos.com/2020/05/19/dreamy-honey/ ), and so there will definitely be times where it will be used wide open for this effect.

  1. I definitely like the feel better at f/2. The portraits of Honey, for me, have too much of a dreamy feel without the solid sharpness in the center. I guess I prefer a little more ‘grab you’ in the center. This lens at f/2 does look great.

    I have been using the V 58mm 1.4 and just picked up the V 28mm f2. I’ve been incredibly impressed with both lenses. Having the EVF on the Z series makes them really fun to work with.

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